Title: Male-specific signaling and sex bias in neurodevelopmental disorders

Dr. M. Chiara Manzini is an Associate Professor at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in the Child Health Institute of New Jersey and the Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology. She was initially trained in Human Genetics at the University of Pavia in Italy and received her PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior at Columbia University exploring how neuronal circuits are assembled during development in both normal and diseased brains. With this combined expertise, she then joined Dr. Chris Walsh’ group at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School to further train in Neurogenetics. The main goal of Dr. Manzini’s research is to bridge the genetics and mechanisms of disease to identify genes that are essential for human cognition and to define the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders. The Manzini lab combines human genetics with molecular, cellular, and behavioral approaches in murine and zebrafish models to link human genetics to neuronal cell biology and behavior.